Sunday Mass - April 18th 2021

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Celebrant - H.E. Timothy Cardinal Dolan
Cantor - John Des Marais

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The Sunday Mass - 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time - September 13, 2020 CC

The Sunday Mass
24th Sunday in Ordinary Time
September 13, 2020

Celebrant & Homilist: Rev. Richard Mullins
Choir: Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception Choir Cantor & Organist, Washington, D.C.

Mass Readings for Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time - September 13, 2020:
First Reading: Sirach 27: 30 - 28: 7
Second Reading: Romans 14: 7-9
Gospel: Matthew 18: 21-35

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Catholic TV Mass Online July 5, 2020: Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Presider: Fr. Arul Ponnaiyan
Parish: St. Paul & Sacred Heart
Choir: Heart of the Nation


The Gospel words from Jesus kind of challenge us today. Jesus looks up at the father and says, “I thank you Lord for revealing this to the little ones and not to the wise and the learned.” So he's finding out adults. But Jesus is saying that the little ones have got it but we have not. What is that? Have we ever wondered about it? And in other places Jesus says unless you become like a little one, little children, you cannot enter into the kingdom of God. Hmmm... We have to really ponder about it and think. Contemplate on this, we can be still here, sitting here and attending the sacraments participating. Maybe our minds are somewhere else. So this is what I want to bring all our attention to. Jesus is finding out to the little children and saying, learn from them. So this is if you observe the little children, you will see they pay full attention to whatever they are looking at whatever reality they are facing, even if they are playing video games. They are so focused even if you call them they are not going to respond to you! Or if you're looking at something else like watching a bird, they pay 100 percent. They stay there. It's a gift. And in doing, this is what happens. They're being fully present and so they see the reality as it is, they are not thinking about that past, they're not getting past memories about what they're looking at. Or they're not daydreaming about something future. For example if they're looking at a squirrel they're looking at a squirrel as it is, like its mannerisms and movements and all this. And where as we adults, we are totally distracted. The moment I look at a squirrel, my memory goes back the squirrel I have seen yesterday or a week ago or I think about different, this is what a squirrel is, so I'm not really paying full attention to the squirrel. Our message today is not about the squirrel, what I'm trying to say is, we have lost the gift of being present to the reality. Looking at reality as it is, that is a gift itself and the children have it and we adults have lost it. It is not good. It is not good at all and that's why Jesus is inviting, the kingdom of God that he often talks about, it's a network of relationship, our relationship with God and with one another. And in order for us to remain healthy in this relationship we have to be present totally like giving the opportunity for the reality as it is without judging them, without applying any kind of opinion to the people. So Jesus is now inviting us to put on the attitude of children. Childlike attitude in trusting in loving, in looking at the reality as it is. So brothers and sisters can we become like children? Let go of our prejudices our opinions, our judgements, even about ourselves, about other people so that we can freely love, freely accept other people? Freely accept ourselves. In order to have a healthy relationship with God and with one another.

Entrance: Holy God We Praise Thy Name
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Psalm 145: I Will Praise Your Name
Refrain texts © 1969, 1981,1997,ICEL All rights reserved. Used with permission.
Music and verses text © 2003, Scott Soper. Published by OCP Publications.
All rights reserved

Preparation: The Summons
Text: John L. Bell, b.1949, © 1987, Iona Community, GIA Publications, Inc., agent
Tune: KELVINGROVE, 7 6 7 6 777 6; Scottish traditional; arr. by John L. Bell, b.1949

Communion: All Is Well With My Soul
Music arrangement and verses 2–4 text © 2008, Carey Landry. Published by OCP, 5536 NE Hassalo, Portland, OR 97213. All rights reserved.

Sending Forth: Let There Be Peace On Earth
© 1955 renewed 1983, Jan-Lee Music. All rights reserved. Used with permission

Mass Setting: Mass of Renewal
Text © 2010, ICEL. All rights reserved. Used with permission.
Music: Mass of Renewal; Curtis Stephan, b. 1973; choral arr. by Curtis Stephan and Rick Modlin, b. 1966, © 2009, Curtis Stephan.
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