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The King Triumphant: Final Days (March 15th) - Caleb Baker

In the midst of suffering, Jesus loves.

LifeGroup Guide:

What are things in your life or that are happening in the world that seem really unfair to you?
When you see something unfair, what emotions do you feel? How do you react to them?

How does the unfair things that happen around you affect your relationship with God or your view of Him?

Can you think of anything unfair that happens in the Bible? How did the people react to whatever was happening? How do you see God interfering in the story?

Why is it so hard for us to try to find hope in the middle of our suffering?

Would it be better if we lived in a world that was completely fair? Defend your position!

How do we prove that God is with us even when life isn’t going the way we want?

How can this story of Jesus’ arrest and trial change the way we look at our suffering or the suffering around us?

Can you predict the outcome if Jesus actually came to level the playing field? What would happen if Jesus wiped every tear and made everything new? (Reference Revelation 21:4)

What could happen in our life group, schools or our family if we spent less time frustrated by the times of suffering and more time learning how to rely on Jesus more? Seriously, think about it. What would happen differently in your life? What could God do with that much faith? (Reference Hebrews 11)

What changes would you make to your life with a clear understanding of how far Jesus came to save you and bring you home?