Stand | Week 1 | Youth Online

Jarod Moses from our East Valley campus begins our series on Daniel by talking about how to STAND OUT for God.

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Ignition Online Gathering // Enough Half-Sauce

Feel like your just life living half full? Tonight the Ignition crew dives in on what it's like to live a life half-sauce.

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How have you lived life half sauce? (Why?/How did it feel?)
What is God's Word for you?
What can we do to dive deeper?

THE LANDING is designed to be a safe place for teenagers to come and talk about real life situations and how to cope with them in a healthy way. The Landing is a year round program that teaches Bible Principles that can be used in almost any situation that we may encounter in life. Our leaders come along side teenagers and build strong relationships that empower the students to share their story, build a relationship with God, and find peace in the midst of whatever storm they are in. Visit The Landing's Page:
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