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performed by the gathering band on the last day of Travel Light!

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Spring & Summer Modest Outfit Ideas! | "Modest Closet"

Hi Everyone!

I hope these ideas can help/be of some kind of inspiration for you! There are soooo many options when it comes to dressing modestly. And yes, even in the hot weather!

Each of these days was above 85 degrees F (some 90)! And I promise I was not burning up hot! Being covered keeps me cooler than when I used to wear tank tops and shorts/capris - the sun isn't beating down on my skin and with skirts and dresses nothing is sticking to my legs! Amazing the benefits of God's plan for modesty :-)

My mom, sister and I went to an outside event one of these days that I filmed and we were perfectly fine in the heat - no sweating, not extremely hot, but others who were wearing tanks and halter tops were fanning themselves so much because of how hot they were! Trust me, being covered won't make you more hot if you choose the right materials and type of modest clothing - it will actually keep you cool!

Try checking out my spring and summer wardrobe video to find out some tips on picking modest clothes that will help to keep you cool in the heat!

If you have any more specific questions for ideas on how to dress modestly just let me know in the comments below or in a message! Remember to seek first the highest beauty - the beauty of a character that is like Christ's! As you study the Bible and prayerfully seek to be more like Jesus by faith in His power to make you a new person in Him, God will bless and reveal His plan of redemption and restoration for you! When true modesty is within it will reveal itself without! I am planning on doing some inner beauty (character) videos soon as time allows!

May God bless you!

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~1 Timothy 2:9,10

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