YouthCulture: A Conversation with Shaddye & Caleb

We are a community built on the life and teachings of Jesus. God loves you, and his arms are open wide to welcome people home. Everyone belongs here.

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Sunday Gathering Online | March 15, 2020

Since Rezlife Sunday Gathering won't be meeting in person this weekend due to the latest news about COVID-19 (coronavirus), we're offering this adapted version of Sunday Gathering online! We felt it was still important to gather in some sort of way -- and who says we can't connect as a faith community online? We're excited to gather with you via this creative solution to connect and grow in our faith this weekend!

Many of you have questions about Church of the Resurrection’s response to the coronavirus. We will provide updates as a notification on our website about the actions we are taking to protect our congregants, staff and guests. See our current action plan here:

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More Study Questions:
1. Read Romans 12:1-2
2. How is offering worship to God also an act of service to God?
3. What words does Paul use to describe our “living sacrifice?” What does Paul mean by the phrase “living sacrifice?"
4. Read Luke 1:26-38
5. How does the angel Gabriel approach Mary?
6. What does Gabriel call Mary to do?
7. What questions and concerns does Mary have?
8. How does Mary answer God’s call?
9. In what ways do you believe that God might be calling you to serve?
10. Read Ephesians 2:8-10
11. What does it mean that we are saved by God’s grace rather than by something we have done?
12. What does God save us from? According to verse 10, what does God save us for?

What Do You Have To Do To Be Saved? . . . LET ME EXPLAIN THAT! Episode #9

What a great question to have! This is a simple way to walk someone through God's word on Salvation! (make sure you watch episodes 1-8)

LET ME EXPLAIN is a short video series on tough subjects about Life, Heaven, Hell, the Bible, and what it really means to be saved! Many of these titles are brash or harsh but you have to listen to the explanation! Maybe you have never heard a relationship with Jesus explained this way before! Phil is a GREAT co-host and walks us through what God's word has to say to anyone that will listen about the secrets to eternal life! Get your bible, get offended, but LISTEN!! (and then share with a friend)

DISCLAIMER: This is not meant to be an exhaustive theological deep dive on these hot topic issues! There are many more versus on each of these subjects!
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