A Bite-Sized Theology of Food // Ask Pastor John

EPISODE 321 // April 16, 2014 // http://desiringgod.org/interviews/a-bite-sized-theology-of-food
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The Bridge Bible Study (11am EST) | 09/24/2020 | The Saint Paul’s Baptist Church | Dr. Lance Watson

Strong Medicine – GUIDELINES FOR THE GIFTED Series, Part 2
Download the Study Guide here: www.bitly.com/GPS20200924

Series Description: Research on gifted and talented children shows one common problem that most of them experience. Gifted children are often bored in school or with life in general. Very often they are never challenged to use their gifts and so they waste them. The same thing happens with many people of faith. Our gifts go unused because they are never challenged or commissioned into use. Paul’s letter to the Christians in Corinth addresses this issue by providing “Guidelines for the Gifted,” so they could live their lives to the glory of God. Join our Senior Pastor and Chief Dreamer, Dr. Lance Watson as we walk through this critical book of scripture and discover how to use the gifts God has given to us, to the glory of God in the service of others.

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