Remembering Shimon Peres

Shimon Peres, the former Israeli prime minister and president, has died at the age of 93. He was a leader for peace. Our thoughts and prayers are for his family and for all of Israel today. The world has lost a Statesman.

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Let My People Go (Part 5 of 13)

Let My People Go: The War Against the Eradication of the Global Church

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Beheadings. Crucifixions. Staged mass executions on display for the world to see.

Radical Islamic extremists are targeting and terrorizing Christians and other religious minorities throughout the Middle East and Africa. Attacks are now spilling over into Europe and the West. Religious persecution is expanding dramatically and religious minorities – especially Christians – are now facing horrendous attacks – and all too often – death.

This persecution cannot be ignored. It is critical that we speak out – sound an alarm – be a true voice – a powerful advocate – for the persecuted church.

In Let My People Go: The War Against the Eradication of the Global Church, ACLJ Films shares the powerful stories of the persecuted and those fighting for their freedom. This documentary goes behind the scenes to tell the compelling stories of a number of Christians who have been targeted because of their faith. Imprisoned American Pastor Saeed Abedini remains captive in Iran. His wife, Naghmeh, and their two young children face extraordinary pain and uncertainty. And there are other Christians including Asia Bibi, Meriam Ibrahim, and Pastor Youcef Nadarkani who have faced persecution for their faith, as well. ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow and others provide a detailed look at what’s behind this persecution – the rise of ISIS – the Islamic State. The goal of these radical jihadists: to wipe out Christianity. In a dangerous world where there’s growing chaos and conflict, there is still hope. We take a look at what can be done. And we shine a spotlight on the defenders of the faith – the men and women who are putting their own lives at risk to stand-up for the persecuted church.

“Let My People Go” is a powerful look at this battle – a critical fight against religious persecution around the globe. And what can be done – what must be done – to save the persecuted church.

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Answers News: Hurricane Florence – September 20, 2018

Climate change made hurricane Florence worse, early humans started getting fat 12.5 million years ago, humans may not need 20% of their genes, and more in this week's episode of Answers News hosted at the Creation Museum in front of a live audience.

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Here are links to the articles discussed in Answers News. Due to time restraints, all topics may not be covered in this episode. Articles not covered in today’s episode will be featured in a future Answers News broadcast.

Don’t Turn God into A Schoolhouse Bully – Look Deeper at Meaning of Religious Liberty

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Human Genome Could Contain Up to 20% Fewer Genes, Researchers Reveal

Hurricane Florence Is 50 Miles Larger, With 50% More Rain, Thanks to Climate Change

Scientists Identify Protein That May Have Existed When Life Began

Artificial Cells Are Tiny Bacteria Fighters

Stephen Hawking’s ‘Ghosts’ May Have Been Found

Meet the Creationist Helping to Change Arizona School Standards on Evolution

Chelsea Clinton: Protecting Babies from Abortion Would Be ‘un-Christian’

Maine Restaurant to Get Lobsters High Off Marijuana Smoke Before Killing Them: ‘It Is More Humane’

Finally, the Truth About Those Bert and Ernie Gay Rumors Is Revealed By a Sesame Street Writer

Male Rapist Who Identifies as ‘Female’ Transfers to Women’s Jail, Assaults Females