The Anointing Oil | Daily Devotions | Pastor Jim Cymbala | The Brooklyn Tabernacle

Pastor Jim Cymbala expounds on the fact that everything in the Old Testament tabernacle had to be anointed with oil, a symbol of the Holy Spirit; and he uses this teaching to highlight the biblical truth that we need the anointing and the help and the power of the Holy Spirit in order to carry out the work of the Lord today.

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A Moment of Grace with Dr. Brazier | August 24.2020

But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.

Some Bible students compare the book of James with the book of Proverbs. Similarly, its teachings parallel wise and simplistic “do’s and don’ts” of Christian life. James is not as long as Proverbs, but it is filled with golden nuggets of truth and righteous counsel. It engages the Christian to first realize that our faith goes beyond the intellect, transforming our lives and impelling us to put our faith to work. Second, James persuades us to be mindful of our deeds. Finally, James emphasizes the demonstration of Christian wisdom that is genuine and brings good fruit (James 3:1-17).
Highlighting our verse for today, James, the author and earthly half-brother of Jesus Christ, thought it important to illustrate the benefit of godly wisdom. Knowledge, which can sometimes be mistaken for wisdom, can cultivate envy and selfishness. It is driven by a personal agenda, and will manifest itself negatively in word and deed—all for the individual’s presumed gain. It is similar to James’s example of the tongue that can spew out both praise and bitterness. Godly wisdom, on the other hand, will humbly reveal to us a more genuine way to interact and impact ourselves and others around us. Godly wisdom influences our lives and represents the character and fruit of the Holy Spirit.

If we could look at ourselves from the inside out, what would we see? Is it saturated with selfish plans to tear down others, or do we see the sure foundation of a God-centered life? If it is filled with the God-kind of humility, peace, unbiased justice, and love for one another, let us seek more. If it is stained with selfish ambition and maliciousness, let us turn from it, surrender to the Holy Spirit, and commit to His guiding hand as He fills us with His wisdom: the principal thing.

My Father in heaven, O how I long to be like You. Help me to seek Your Word more fervently so the fruit of Your wisdom will flourish in me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.