Big Dog Has Little Brother Who Helps Her Feel Safe And Loved | The Dodo

Big Dog Has A Little Brother Who Helps Her Feel Safe And Loved | This dog was actually given away because of her unusually adorable smile, but she has a tiny brother who keeps her feeling safe and loved. Life was great for a while, but now they’re both in need of some help. Piggy and Happy are looking for a forever home together, outside of a city. If you're able to provide them with the home they need, contact Mr. Bones & Co. for adoption information: Special thanks to Sophie Gamand's Flower Power series ( and to Pilots N Paws for helping Piggy and Happy on their journey:

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For the love of animals. Pass it on.

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Geronimo - Ezekiel @wordsbyezekiel

By Ezekiel @wordsbyezekiel
Prod. By: Anthony Cruz @anthonycruz_95

Geronimo (Lyrics)

I been bruised too
I earned those stripes
No cape without the Thorns I guess cuz he rose right?
But you see this stage
You see those lights
I know Pop's king but I hate Tito's life
I know, know, I know humility is fish at Kentucky Fried Chicken
I know it's best for me to let go of my will and my visions
I know the recipe that conjures a typical Christian
I hope I rest In peace the corpse of that twisted position
See I learned Religious terminology from A to Z and...
I learned from Barney to make believers I make believe it (believe it)
But what about the poetry?
The masquerade u mean?
I'm tickled that u bought it and was glad to pay the fee
I'd rather make a rap about the path I paved for me
Couldn't stand the shame to ask the saints to fast and pray for me
Now You feed n you get depleted I'm
Starving but I'm obese
And see slitting wrists ain't that hard if the heart of me's on my sleeve
If My arteries are your thoughts of the art of me,
If u leave Imma fall
Like the next month after august right after the heat
Cuz I long for his Glory, low key
Like the left notes on a grand piano
No shade im just tired of living under in His casted shadow
My work is princess u dragons come to attack my castle feel like John the Baptist am I not
man enough to latch some sandals
My wife and and kids are startin' to lack faith in my Adam's apple
My parents sayin I'm just a sad case and bad example
They throw my past mistakes in my face like a graduate's tassel
My math sucks, it doesn't add up im aint average like summm
Get it?
I'm not a poet, i am a scientist
Gods an experiment
You are my lab
if we have chemistry, I will explode and my pocketsll benefit
gas me up, So make heat, to generate self esteem
All eyes on me, yeah it's all about eye
Like illuminati and the top of a pyramid! HOW...
Many times has the dawn tried to arise but my dark side just collides like apartheid to the light,
I remember to do right then get Alzheimer's
Can't bow to pay God homage my life has this arthritis of spine
The mic heightens the flight of my aerodynamic pride
Then I bomb
Parachute dive
The applause kinda' subsides when the storm's ripest then lightning is born
Sky makes u bright then you Die and finally reside on the floor
I am reminded of the guy who tried to defy when he scorned the one who gave life to his form right on the lines of his palm captain aye aye this is your island im lost so make Gillian of me
But I'm wit' ya skipper just send me a signal or something
Cuz I know I'm a dimmer image
A silhouette this is Twitter
I need more character 'till then it's end of discussion
I'm Fallin'

I reside at the ledge
Will pride lead to death?
It's long way down
Wonder when I'll hit the ground

Geronimo (Geronimo) (8x)