Tuesday Talk Escape Part 1

Pastors Mark and Ray take a few minutes to dive into some portions fo Pastor Kennys sermon, Escape Part 1.

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Does Bethel Church Operate in the Kundalini Spirit? | Rediscover Bethel

Does Bethel Church Operate in the Kundalini Spirit? | Learn More Here: https://bit.ly/2SiVAJQ

Does Bethel Church operate in the kundalini spirit? Have they been possessed by a spirit other than the Holy Spirit? In this video, Bethel Senior Leader Bill Johnson and Bethel Associate Pastor and Dean of BSSM Dann Farrelly discuss how to know if it is the Holy Spirit moving or a different spirit. They also debunk the myth that Bethel Church is under the influence or operates in the kundalini spirit.

What is the kundalini spirit or the spirit of kundalini? It typically is associated with beliefs or views of demonic oppression. These views and beliefs are not biblical and come from easter mythology and religion. Some people believe that the kundalini spirit possesses bethel Church simply because of the physical manifestations of the Holy Spirit. However, as discussed in this video in-depth, Bethel Church does not operate in or believe in the kundalini spirit.

Rediscover Bethel is a video series that addresses common questions and misconceptions about Bethel Church in Redding, California. This series specifically covers Bethel's theological beliefs, teachings, and practices—featuring Senior Leader Bill Johnson, Senior Associate Leader Kris Vallotton, and Associate Pastor and Dean of BSSM Dan Farrelly. This series includes videos on Bible translations, Jesus' Deity, Physical Manifestations of the Holy Spirit, Theology of Healing, The Gospel of Repentance, Prophecy, and much more. You can learn more about it here: https://bit.ly/2SiVAJQ

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Bethel Church in Redding, CA, is a congregation rooted in the love of God and dedicated to worldwide transformation through revival. It's our goal for God's love to be manifest in signs, wonders, and miracles. The atmosphere at Bethel is charged with faith and exuberant joy, which manifests in all we do. We believe we're on the edge of the greatest revival of all time. It's our vision to see history become His-story as the kingdom of this world becomes the kingdom of our God. We welcome you to join us in this adventure!

Bethel's mission is revival – the personal, regional, and global expansion of God's Kingdom through His manifest presence.

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Death Of Yolo || Spoken Word

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This poem is about how the resurrection of Jesus is the answer to the world. Because he rose, we have new life.
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This was a poem I wrote for my church's easter service this past April. My hope is that someone watching this will walk away with a deeper sense of the grace of God and just how monumental Jesus death, burial, and resurrection truly were. If Jesus is still dead we are to be pitied, but if He really rose, we have to face up with the implications. Nothing is more precious than the fact that when we trust in Jesus, we are united with Him as one. Because of that, whatever is true of Him, instantly becomes true of us. Spotless, blameless, perfect, righteous, etc all are accounted to us since we are "in Him."

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