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Dr. Lance Watson - “Fighting Fatigue” - The Saint Paul’s Baptist Church – 05/16/2021

Fatigue is normal after more than a year in pandemic. Perhaps our fatigue is not as extreme as a woman suffering for year, but it doesn’t have to be. It only needs to be there, never departing and always just around the corner, always consuming spiritual, emotional and physical energy. It can be forced on us by circumstances or induced by the choices we make. If like a forest fire it only burns out when everything is consumed it leaves only charred remains. This woman’s experience shows us how to push through and find the repair that our souls and lives need.

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Multiply What You Have | The Blessed Life (Pt. 2) | Andy Wood

LIVE SERVICES 8:30am | 10:00am | 11:30am PDT

Have you ever wished you could multiply what you had? When God is in the equation, we can end up with way MORE than we expected! He is the master of multiplication, and His desire for us is to live lives FULL of overflow.

Join us today as we continue our new series: “The Blessed Life.” Together we will go over a life-changing multiplication principle to shift our thinking from limitation to one of multiplication and experience His abundance.

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Most of us have seen social media posts of people having a #BLESSED Life. But what does that really mean? Is it simply having a nice car, a big house, and Instagramable vacations? What if living a blessed life isn’t actually what we think?

Join us as we flip the script of what it means to live with true abundance. Together, we’ll learn to discover the fulfillment and freedom that God has made available to ALL of us, yet so few actually experience.

Part 1: The Principle of the First - https://youtu.be/wpVNgXEwNJU
Part 2: Multiply What You Have - https://youtu.be/PZuv9eU-QcM


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