Hillsong Youth Online | 23rd October 2020 | Paul Kellaway

Welcome to Hillsong Youth Online!

If you are under 13 we need you to be watching this with your parent or guardian. Please don’t share any personal details on the live chat. Our priority is, and always will be, to keep you safe.
We are a big family, which means that when it comes to our chat rooms this needs to be reflected. Our chat rooms are always going to be a positive environment where we encourage each other and build each other up. Let's take care of each other and make this experience the best for everyone!

Join us LIVE at the Hills Campus in Sydney, Australia - connected right across the globe.

Please make sure you're subscribed to our YouTube Channel, and remember the best way to stay connected and be up to date with everything coming up is through our Hillsong YYA App! Download at http://hil.so/yyaapp

For more information on Online Safety for Children and Young People at Hillsong Church please visit https://hillsong.com/australia/safechurch/parentinformation/online-safety-for-children-and-young-people-at-hillsong-church/

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