This Pittie Was Determined To Do The Impossible — And He Did | The Dodo Pittie Nation

This Pittie Was Determined To Do The Impossible — And He Did | People said this street dog would never walk again after he was hit by a car in Puerto Rico. His foster moms knew he could do it, though — and so did he! Today on Pittie Nation, watch how Iron was so determined to run with his siblings that he started crashing his wheelchair on purpose and leaving it in the dust.

To help Iron's rescuers save more dogs like him, you can support New York Bully Crew:

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He About Passed Out!

"He about passed out!

I have been doing a full frame-off restoration of this car—a big surprise for Papa/my grandpa, Fred Lamar. He’s owned the car since the 50s. He’s my best friend, and truly deserves it. This was so hard to complete, let alone do it without him knowing. I saved up for years to do this—and even sold my personal car to help fund parts for the car. It's all worth it, though, for my Grandpa!

I did all the metalwork and restored the whole frame... interior body and underbody, built one off custom exhaust, rewired the whole car front to back with brand new up to date wiring and fuse panel, and full Rockford stereo. I added vintage air AC, converted the car to rack and pinion steering, power disc brakes, added sway bars for handling, and all tubular front suspension. I then built a healthy 358 SBC on my back patio (ha ha), with Fitech fuel injection, nice comp-cam and aluminum heads. I soundproofed the interior before installing all new custom interior (which was custom made by Sewn Tight), restored the trunk area, added some sick custom billet wheels (18x7 front and 20x9 rear), and slammed the car down on the ground with five inches of drop in the front and four in the rear. I replaced every nut and bolt with new, and added all the billet interior accessory’s custom steering wheel, to match the wheels on the car, and added all new chrome front to back and dash restoration.

I did this from the bottom of my heart, for my grandpa."


Credit: Cam Dedman