Sunday Mass - August 11th 2019

Celebrated by The Reverend Monsignor Robert T. Ritchie, Rector of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral - Captured Live on Ustream at Permission to podcast/stream the music in this service obtained from ONE LICENSE, License #A-700542

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Catholic TV Mass Online February 2, 2020: The Presentation of the Lord

Presider: Fr. John Puodziunas OFM
Parish: Assumption BVM Province
Choir: Old St. Mary and St. Peter and Paul

Today the church concludes the Christmas season with the celebration of the presentation of Jesus the child into the temple. Yes, February 2nd is the end of the Christmas season. The solemnity was celebrated in the early church as the feast of the encounter because the scriptures tell us about encountering. The young couple, Mary and Joseph, encountered the old, Simeon and Anna the old testament scriptures are now completed fulfilled, what was foretold. This is the encounter Mary and Joseph bring the child into the temple. The temple is the center of faith, life, tradition for the Jewish people and the temple encounters the child, and the child Jesus encounters the temple but the ultimate image here is that of the old man Simeon, waiting in the temple. And we're told he takes that child into his own hands and then proclaims “I am now ready to die in peace. For I have seen salvation.” The encounter. But this encounter did not just happen here on these days in the temple with Jesus. This encounter with Jesus begins oh, back in, liturgically, ten months before this the celebration of the annunciation when Mary encounters God in the presence of Gabriel the angel. And there at first you remember there was fear and confusion, but the angel Gabriel calmed her down and told her with great joy she is to be the mother of the son of God. There's great joy in that encounter and then we go through the whole infancy narratives of Christmas and end up here with Simeon holding the child and saying, “It's not going to be easy. This child is going to be contradiction. This child is going to pierce your hearts.” The totality of the encounter with God is both joyful, difficult and sorrowful. This is the story of our faith. That God sends a child into our world, to step into our way of living in order to preach, to teach, to heal, and ultimately to suffer and to die, so that through this encounter we can have life, so that we can be embraced by the holy. So that we can come to our God. Pope Francis oftentimes talks about faith as beginning with the encounter with the child Jesus, all with the person of Jesus. And it's not something that's out there. It's something we encounter, this encounter happens in the ordinary days of our lives. This is the example of Simeon and Anna through people around us we encounter the Christ. Through our traditions and our life we encounter the Christ, through the community, through our celebration of Eucharist, through the word, we encounter Jesus. We have to open ourselves up to the encounter that is waiting there for us and it's in the ordinary experiences of life. When we turn our gaze from the phone or the tablet and gaze at the eyes of the person sitting across from us, then we have the encounter. That's what it's about. This is where we meet God. When we put aside our own opinions and perspectives, this thinking that we are right always and allow ourselves to step into the life and experience of the other, or the other to step into our life experience, that's where we encounter the Christ. That's where we encounter the holy. When we sit with those who are hurt in sorrow and we wipe their tears, we encounter the Christ in our own lives. When we allow ourselves to be with the lonely, to be with the sick, to sit with the dying, to hold their hands in silence, we have a profound encounter with a God who is present with us. And so, like Mary and Joseph, and like Simeon and Anna, we are invited to encounter Christ. To see our salvation recall the words from the play Les Miserables “To love another person is to see the face of God.” This is the encounter we celebrate today, the presentation of Jesus in the temple. This is the encounter that we are invited to see the face of God, in how we love with one another
Entrance: Christ Be Our Light
Text: Bernadette Farrell, b. 1957
Tune: Bernadette Farrell, b. 1957
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Psalm 24: Who Is This King of Glory? It is the Lord!
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Preparation: Epiphany Carol
Text: Francis Patrick O’Brien, b. 1958, © 2002, GIA Publications, Inc.
Tune: BEACH SPRING, 8 7 8 7 D; The Sacred Harp, 1844; harm. by Ronald A. Nelson, b. 1927, © 1978, Lutheran Book of Worship

Communion: Long Awaited Holy One
Text: Delores Dufner, OSB, b. 1939, © 1984, 1992, 2003, 2011, GIA Publications, Inc.
Tune: NUN KOMM DER HEIDEN HEILAND, 77 77; Geistliche Gesangbuchlein, Wittenberg, 1524

Sending Forth: We Are Marching
Text and Tune: South African folk song
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Mass Setting: Mass of Redemption
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Music: © Steven Janco World Library Publications

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