A Moment of Grace with Dr. Brazier | November 6.2020

The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God.

As Ray approached those gathered at the family reunion for the first time, many began to point out his resemblance to his parents in his mannerisms and conversation. Ray was surprised at how well they knew him despite his absence from the reunions for many years. His relatives embraced him because, having known his parents, they understood the core of who he was. They knew his parents had instilled morals and values into Ray as a boy, even though he did not realize how these qualities contributed to his family identity. The family traits of hospitality and friendliness became evident as he joined in with his long-lost family. Similarly, God is instilling in us His morals and values because we are His children.

In today’s verse, the apostle Paul is writing about a unique work of the Holy Spirit as transformer. We are spiritual beings who live in a body and possess a soul. As new creations in Christ, God places His divine Spirit in us to transform us to be more like Him. While the Holy Spirit “bears witness with our spirit” by instilling a new character and new thoughts in us, He is also giving us His identity and nature so that we will know who we really are. The proof of the Holy Spirit working in us is when we act in love or with kindness or with forgiveness when we have been wronged. This is when the real core of who we are as children of God becomes evident.

Through a mind renewed in the Word of God, we can produce the behavior and attitude that pleases God. As the Holy Spirit nurtures the calm, alert, peaceful mind within us, we can be assured we are in God’s family. The more we choose to think in line with the Word, the more we act upon that Word. Then, we will walk, talk, and resemble our Father; and people around us will point and say, “We know who their Daddy is!

Lord Jesus, thank You for calling me out of darkness into your marvelous light. As your child, I want to show the evidence that the Holy Spirit is working in me every day.

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