Easter Sunday April 12 2020

Father Michael Coutts S.J.
The Resurrection of the Lord

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Catholic TV Mass Online May 10, 2020: Fifth Sunday of Easter

Presider: Fr. Matthew Widder
Parish: Holy Name of Jesus, St. Clement & St. Dominic
Choir: St. John the Evangelist Schola

There's a simple game that played in many, many different contexts. It's a game that everyone probably has played at one point or another. It involves numbers and letters and extreme focus. The game I'm thinking of is a game called bingo. Many people have played the game of bingo and when you play bingo there's a certain anticipation that rises in your heart as you see yourself closing in on a bingo, right? You're just waiting for that one last letter. You're saying, “Ok if I can get that last letter I'm going to be able to say "bingo!"” But at the same time, we know that there's probably a group of people playing with us that also might be just around the corner of saying that word bingo. And right away when we're so close, all of a sudden we hear someone calling out bingo that's not us, all of a sudden our heart kind of sinks, right? Someone has just snuck in and stole our joy! They stole our thunder. Maybe what was meant for us and we hear that word, clear your cards and we say, awe no, we have to start over. I've got to start over. That sense of being your joy, just being swiped away from you. Someone stealing your joy. And that's a lighthearted example. We know in bingo we can just start right over and that's part of the game, right? But we think in life, in a deeper way, how there's so often things that happen that come in and just steal our joy right away. We think of a situation perhaps where we were looking forward to a new job and we're looking for a new opportunity in life and all of a sudden we find out someone else got the job. And our heart just sinks. We might be very proud of our children or grandchildren. We might be sharing that with someone and all of a sudden someone else says, "Well my children..." and then all of a sudden your heart just sinks. Or maybe with a greater level when we're dealing with an illness or battling through a health condition and we think and it seems like there's going to be healing in store and all of a sudden we get the news that it's not what we thought. That things are not looking good. And our heart just drops, our heart just drops. In the midst of this what does Jesus say as he starts the gospel, "Do not let your hearts be troubled." Jesus had just declared that Judas is going to betray him, that he's going to be with the disciples only a little bit longer and he says do not 'let' your hearts be troubled. Because we know so often we do let our hearts be troubled. Troubles happen but do we allow our hearts to be troubled? What did Jesus say, “You have faith in God, have faith also in me.” And so we ask ourselves today, do we have faith? Do we truly have faith in Jesus and our father and the power of the holy spirit? Do we have faith? Because so often I think we buy the lie and we have faith in the lies that do not come from God, faith in the lies that things are never going to get better. Faith in the lies that God has forgotten about us or God doesn't care about our situation or God doesn't see us. That is never from Jesus. What does Jesus say? “I am the way the truth and the life.” Jesus and the voice of the father always speak words of love, of hope, of encouragement and so yep, are there situations that steal our joy, that get us down? Yes. But do we 'let' our hearts be troubled? No. Because we have a savior who always speaks the truth of faith, of love, of carrying our cross with Jesus, the holy spirit, and the goodness of our father at our side.

Entrance: I Know My Redeemer Lives
Text: Samuel Medley, 1738-1799
Tune: DUKE STREET, LM; John Hatton, c. 1710-1793

Text: ICEL, 2010
Music: Congregational Mass; John Lee, rev. Ronald F. Krisman, © 1970, 2011, GIA Publications, Inc.

Psalm 33: Lord, Let Your Mercy Be On Us
Text: Verses, The Revised Grail Psalms © 2010 Conception Abbey and The Grail, admin. by GIA Publications, Inc.;
Refrain: Lectionary for Mass © 1969, 1981, 1997, ICEL
Music: Michel Guimont, verses © 2011, refrain © 1994 GIA Publications. Inc.

Preparation: Instrumental

Communion: Very Bread
Text: Thomas Aquinas
Music: Randolph N. Currie
© Copyright 1981 by GIA Publications, Inc. All rights reserved

Sending Forth: Be Joyful, Mary
Text: Regina caeli, jubila; Latin, 17th C.; tr. anon. in Psallite, 1901
Tune: REGINA CAELI, 8 5 8 4 7; Leisentritt’s Gesangbuch, 1584, alt.

Mass Setting: A Community Mass
Text: ICEL, © 2010
Music: A Community Mass, Richard Proulx, © 1971, 1977, 2006, GIA Publications, Inc.

Permission to podcast/stream the music in this liturgy obtained from ONE LICENSE, License No. A-718591.