Creation vs. Creator: How to Live Your Lenten Season to the Full

Lent is a gift, giving us 40 days to calibrate our lives to God.

Jeff discusses the most important aspects of Lent, and what we should be thinking and praying about as we live the Lenten season.

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Deeper Dive Psalm 23 Core 52 Johnny Scott Generations Christian Church

The weekly Deeper Dive is a ministry that goes beyond the weekend worship service teaching time! Our hope is that we are energized to dive deeper into God's word throughout the week on our own and this is a great place to start.

Psalm 23: Perhaps the most famous verse in the Old Testament, Psalm 23 kicks off our 4 week series, "How It's Made". This is a series on Leadership for our church and what God's word has to teach us about Biblical Servant Leadership as modeled by Christ. I mentioned a list of reflection questions at the end of every main point today and I wanted to share those with you. In this episode of Deeper Dive I'm promoting an incredible book by Phillip Keller, “A shepherd Looks At Psalm 23”. These questions are found in the opening to his book and stand as a great point of reflection for all of us. The questions:
• Do I respond to His authority and acknowledge His ownership?
• Do I find freedom and complete fulfillment in this arrangement?
• Do I sense a purpose and deep contentment because I am under His direction?

God's word demands an answer from each of us. We find evidence, testimony, bold claims and questions that penetrate to our depths of who we are. As you ask these questions, can you answer in the way that David did? Can you say: He is MY shepherd, I shall not want, He makes me lie down and He restores my soul?

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