How Do I Respond When My Christian Friends Are Upset About Election Results?

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"Out Of The Deep" by Aaron Schultz - 10x10 Track 2

Anima's 2nd song from our 10 x 10 Campaign by Aaron Schultz (iTunes link coming soon!). To help fund the rest of the project, visit our Kickstarter at

Song written and performed by Aaron Schultz,
Original lyrics by Henry W. Baker (1868)
Violin 1: Stephanie Jewell
Violin 2: Josée Wiegand
Cello: Ben Rico
Drums: Hans Moscicke

Filming: Danny Hochstatter, Barrett Kaufman, and Hannah Victoria
Editing: Danny Hochstatter
Location: Hoti Design Studio & Gallery (Sculpture Shots) and Judson University (Musicians)

Special thanks: Dave Hunter, Greenroom Productions, Judson University, Pam and Scott Thime, Nicole O'Keefe, and all others who helped in the production

And a HUGE thank you to those who have already donated to this project: WillYp777, Jasmine, Nancy Pridemore, Oj Obinani, Hannah Victoria, Tena Zepeda, Mary Young, Catherine Rixie, Barry Smith, Melissa Drake, Maja-lisa Anderson, Anna Diaz, Victoria Jenkins, Tim Tharp, Emme Hershey, Rebecca Maanao, Michelle Therry Hicks, Jan Balls, Tara Faber, Soma Games, Natascha Strong, Nadia, Darla Batchler, Stacy Burns, Frances Logan, Christine Marie, Mary Taylor, Bill & Deb Schultz, Kathleen Weddle, Matthew Craig, Donovan Allen, Linda Garcia, Kat, Anne Watson, Stephan Ebbler, Denise Heister-Montgomery, Jessica Pritchard McCamish, Kim Huff, Clay Williams, Jason Bartholomew, Heidi K DeLaughter, and Sharon Campbell! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

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