Love One Another | Homily: Father Jean Aubin

Father Jean Aubin gives a homily on the commandment to love one another, and how Saint Matthias embodied it.

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Mirror, Mirror: When You Struggle To Love Yourself | Relationship Playbook (Part 2) | Paul McGovern

What do you think when you look in the mirror? Today, Pastor Paul McGovern talks about why our relationships with ourselves is so key to being able to live full, thriving lives, as well as practical tools to practically love our true selves.

0:58 Opening Announcements
2:53 We Praise you ? (By Brandon Lake, Matt Redman, Phil Wickham)
7:48 Waymaker ? (By Leeland)
17:40 Relationship Playbook Promo Bumper
18:40 Message Start (Pastor Paul McGovern)
25:21 You will never love your neighbor well without loving yourself
26:08 The best gift you give to God, your family, your friends, and your family is a healthy you!
29:45 You are looking in the wrong mirror!
32:15 The mirror of God's word tells me: I am created by God!
35:12 I'd have to commit intellectual suicide for me to believe in God
38:41 The mirror of God's word tells me: I am loved unconditionally by God
43:42 The mirror of God's word tells me: I am a sinner in need of a savior
50:21 God has a miracle for you today
51:47 A healthy relationship with myself is marked by... Positive Self-Talk
54:27 A healthy relationship with myself is marked by... Compassionate Self Care
56:33 Next steps
59:01 What is Alpha?
1:00:29 Closing

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. What stood out to you?

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You are designed for connection, but this season certainly has made it harder to connect. If you have recently felt puzzled or defeated by your relationships, you are not alone! Join us for this series of practical tools and biblical principles to help you win with your most important relationships. Learn more at

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