The Song of Survivors Part 7 Pastor Reginald W. Sharpe Jr. July 15, 2020 7PM

The Song of Survivors Part 7 Pastor Reginald W. Sharpe Jr. July 15, 2020 7PM

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Blessed Are The Persecuted | Pastor Rob Koke | Shoreline ATX

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Conversation Starters
“Blessed are the persecuted”

1. How do hold together these seemingly contradictory ideas of being blessed and being persecuted?

2. Historically, people have been aggressively opposed and ridiculed (even killed) for their faith. How have you seen this with others? How have you experienced it personally?

3. One translation of Matthew 5:10, states, You are blessed when you suffer for standing up for God. Sometimes people use this as an excuse to be rude, prideful or inappropriate. How have you seen this misapplied?

4. Inherent in this point in Jesus’ message is the proposition that our faith will create heat/discomfort/alienation. How do you prepare your own heart for that reality?

5. Jesus’ promise is that part of the blessing on the other side of persecution is a great reward from him (Matthew 5:12). What does that look like to you? How does that mental image hold you steady when your life is adversely affected for your faith?

6. His reward also includes the hope of heaven (Mark 5:10). For many people this seems like a nebulous (unattractive?) prospect. Some even wonder if heaven will be at all fun/interesting/exciting. The misconception is that we will simply sitting on clouds playing harps with the angels. What is your heart-felt view of heaven? How has it been shaped? How does it help motivate you to endure persecution?

7. The Biblical description of heaven (Hebrews 11) includes our joining the company of elite heroes of the faith. Who are you most looking forward to meeting (besides Jesus) and why?

Super Bowl Sunday: The Best Defense is a Good Offense | Bay Area Christian Church Live Stream 2/7

As many of us continue to experience crisis, it can be easy to get tired and want to give up. That’s why on this Super Bowl Sunday, we are excited to learn how to look ahead with faith rather than fear, and trust that God wants to help us not only defend against the crises we go through, but to take the opportunities to conquer them together.

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As we continue to shelter in place in order to keep our communities safe from the spread of coronavirus, we have been offering a series of special live stream worship services, Sundays at 11am PDT. These take the place of in-person services for all of our Bay Area locations. We hope you enjoy and feel welcome at our live stream! We hope to inspire many to grow in their personal spiritual life.

Join us for church online every Sunday at or on our YouTube channel, and be sure to stay safe.

Here's what you can expect:
* A practical bible lesson to help us grow spiritually and learn how to approach God and our spiritual life on our own
* Story of the Week – inspiring stories of people doing good
* Freedom Flows – music to lift your spirits
* Sunday Morning Jetpack – a spiritual take on modern media
* Simple Notes – a printable note-taking sheet to help your personal study
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