Obey | Homily: Father Kevin Leaver

Father Kevin Leaver gives a homily on obedience.

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Does John Piper Deny Personal Assurance? // Ask Pastor John

God gives believers warnings not to strip us of our assurance, but to keep us clinging to Christ and killing sin by the Spirit.

Does John Piper deny personal assurance? Today we need to address a quote that’s found its way all over the Internet, attributed to you, Pastor John. It was brought to my attention by two listeners. The first, Taylor: “Hello, Pastor John! I recently read a critique of you, saying that you deny assurance of salvation. Here’s the exact quote, attributed to you: ‘No Christian can be sure that he is a true believer.’ Is this true? Did you say this?”

The second email comes from a listener named Willis: “Dr. Piper, hello, and thank you for your sermons. In a recent sermon, our teaching pastor used the following quote attributed to you. According to him, you wrote, ‘No Christian can be sure that he is a true believer. Hence, there is an ongoing need to be dedicated to the Lord and to deny ourselves so that we might make it.’ I can’t find this quote in your books. I can’t find it online at DG. From the best I can tell, this quote came from a booklet published in 1997 by you and the BBC pastoral staff, titled ‘TULIP: What We Believe About the Five Points of Calvinism: Position Paper of the Pastoral Staff,’ on page 25. I can’t find the original document anywhere. Regarding this quote, did you write it? And, second, do you deny that a Christian can actually experience the full assurance of salvation in this life?”

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