Celebration Inspires Action

We know the difference is in the doing. This week, 3 people tell stories of simple action steps they took to DO what Jesus is saying.

A little costly? Maybe. A little risky? Probably.

But listen to the things God is doing IN them and AROUND them!

Get in the mix with us and share stories that inspire us! We’ll celebrate with you!

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28:19 Episode 24

Overcoming fear amid changing culture. How does the Bible describe the creation of human beings? Did Neanderthals make art? Did humans really breed with Neanderthals? Get connected with RTB on social media, plus find out about a special book giveaway!

Culture Talk: Overcoming Fear Amid Changing Culture 1:35
with Caleb Kaltenbach
Check out Caleb Kaltenbach’s book God of Tomorrow: http://a.co/cZcXKQu.

Nexus: How Does the Bible Describe the Creation of Human Beings? 7:50
with Ken Samples
Dig Deeper: https://youtu.be/glxigmt4r6c

RTB 101: Did Neanderthals Make Art? 10:52
with Fazale Rana
Dig Deeper: http://www.reasons.org/explore/blogs/the-cells-design/read/the-cells-design/2018/04/04/did-neanderthals-have-the-brains-to-make-art

Give and Take: Did Humans Really Breed with Neanderthals? 15:39
with Ken Samples and Fazale Rana
Dig Deeper: https://shop.reasons.org/product/281/who-was-adam

RTB News: Connect with RTB on Social Media + A Book Giveaway! 23:59
with Heather Lanz
Visit http://reasons.org/follow to connect with RTB on social media and for details on a special giveaway!

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Rocket Dog Rescues People Buried In Avalanches + Dogs With Important Jobs | The Dodo Top 5

Rocket the avalanche rescue dog isn't the only pup with a job. Here are a few more pups who have or will have important responsibilities. See the description for more info:

Hero Dog Saves People Buried In Avalanches
Special thanks to Aspiring Avalanche Dogs (https://www.facebook.com/Aspiringavalanchedogs/) for this incredible story! For more, visit: http://thedo.do/avalanche.

Sheepdog Puppy's First Day At Work
Footage provided by Caters TV: https://www.facebook.com/catersnews

Service Dog Knows How To Help When His Mom Faints
You can keep up with incredible service dog Colt on YouTube: http://thedo.do/colt and Instagram: http://thedo.do/servicedogcolt. To help Colt's mom get a much-needed wheelchair improvement, you can support her campaign here: https://www.gofundme.com/smartdrive-for-janaye.

Police Puppy Trains For His Job
Special thanks @TariqButt2 (https://twitter.com/TariqButt2/status/824647093067350020)

Dog Loves To Help Little Kids Surf
Hang ten with Ricochet the surf dog on Facebook, and follow her adventures helping children and veterans in need:

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