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Dreamer: One who sees something in their heart and moves towards it to make it a reality. ----Without a Dream, The people perish. Proverbs 29:18
---The greatest DREAMS are GOD DREAMS--- and GOD DREAMS can change EVERYTHING--- GOD DREAMS will go with you into eternity and inevitably make an eternal impact on people’s lives. --What is a GOD DREAM? It is a DREAM from God that can only be achieved with God’s help.
----Genesis 37:1-28—Joseph gets a dream--but not everyone is happy... The process of the pit to the palace...
6 questions to ask yourself in finding God’s Dream for your life
Am I seeking God?
Have you Asked Him for His dream for your life
What are you gifted to do?
What makes your heart sing? (What are you passionate about)
What makes you cry? (What breaks your heart)
How can I use my gifts, my resources, & my passion to meet the need that is breaking my heart?

---Resentment is an initial sign of hatred…
---Refusing to say a kind word about someone is a first sign of hatred…
---Frustrated with someone’s favor…
---Jealous of the confidence and spotlight that someone has…

---OFTENTIMES PEOPLE’S ENVY towards you is LESS ABOUT YOU and more about them--- YOU have something they want… ---ARE YOU jealous? Envious? Wishing you had what someone else had???
--WHO do you TELL and HOW do you HANDLE your BIG DREAMS?
--Only tell a select few of those you trust who wont be threatened…
--Remember the dream is not a reality unless God makes it that…
---IF you HAVE TO FORCE IT or MANIPULATE your WAY to MAKE IT HAPPEN- then it’s not a GOD-DREAM or it’s not God’s timing yet…
--Don’t cast your pearls before swine—learn to shut your mouth around people who aren’t for you…
--Get THICK-SKINNED enough to handle the haters…
--No matter what HOLD on to the DREAM and keep it SURRENDERED to GOD.

The Dream Stealers:
Takers- don’t know what they want to do so take every dream for themselves instead of helping support the dreamer.
Fakers- act like they are supporting you but talking bad about you and your dream behind your back
Breakers- They can’t stand to see you move past them in life so they try to break down all your dreams/ideas, and keep you on their level. They try to make you feel like pursuing your dream would be a waste of time or a dumb idea.
Haters- They are always telling you why you could never accomplish your dream- not good enough, messed up, not smart enough, why would God pick you, etc.
Distractors- they always have something better for you to do with your time. They use your time for their own personal gain or entertainment. They don’t really care if you pursue your dream or not—its not about you…its about them.

The Dream Team:
Encouragers- encourage you in the pursuit of the dream God gave you
Prayer Partners- Are committed to praying for you and the dream
Mentors- Give wisdom when needed, are not afraid to challenge you
Supporters- Are there when the going gets tough.

Through the Word
Through Prayer
Through wise counsel---The company you keep has a lot to do with how your dreams are formed and fashioned.
Through adversity----Big destines require BIG character. And character comes from enduring adversity. ---Greatness is not developed in a day, but DAILY.
----Trust the Process. Delay and pressure develop you for your purpose!! EVERY DREAM will be TESTED by DELAYS! --- IT’s not going to HAPPEN exactly how you imagine…
Habakkuk 2:1-3---- WAIT FOR IT…
James 1:2-4 ----- FAITH IS FORGED IN THE FIRE---- the seasons of DIFFICULTY are where YOU GAIN THE MOST MOMENTUM internally for the YEARS AHEAD!!!
---THIS FIRE is FUEL for your FUTURE!!!

---Look up--- don’t let the PIT keep your posture down… keep looking up to God… He’s with you…
---Realize your only option is UP---- this pit is not your final scene…
---Learn from how you got there---- hindsight on who you tell your dreams…---When pride DIES and maturity surfaces TRUE CHARACTER is revealed and we’re able to FOCUS on others instead of ourselves. ---Could it be that Joseph interpreted his dream in an immature way and that through the trials of his life the dreams became less about him and more about helping others???
---Remember the PIT has a PURPOSE- character development…
---Before you get out of the external pit, you have to get out of the internal pit.
---Remember the PIT is only a PITSTOP--- your PALACE season is being PREPARED for you!
---EVERYTHING you’ve gone through in life has been to PREPARE you for this---nothing is WASTED--- God deposited stuff in you during every setback, every lonely night, every job, every demotion, every rejection…