Crying Puppies Reunited with Mom Thanks to Rescuer | The Dodo

Puppies Reunited with Mom Thanks to Rescuer | When this guy heard a puppy crying from a drain, he knew he had to help — then he went looking for the whole family. To help save more dogs like Beauty and her puppies, you can support the Animal Care Trust:

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For the love of animals. Pass it on.
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Q&A | Marrying an American/Dropping Out/Cussing

Q&A| Marrying an American + Cussing + Dropping Out
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My Holy Grail of NATURAL HAIR PRODUCTS || 4b 4c natural hair

Hey lovelies! These are the hair products I literally can't do without! I hope you can start using some of these in your hair journey and they work for you as they have for me :)

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Ask Anima: How Do You Forgive Someone Who Has Repeatedly Hurt You? - Jon Jorgenson

A quick note about this video. We are well aware of the verses in Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Hebrews where The Lord says, "I will remember their sins no more." This video does not seek to contradict those verses. We would never mean to suggest that God holds onto our sins. The Bible makes it clear that He separates us as far as the east is from the west. What these verses mean to me(Jon) is that God makes the active choice to put those sins out of mind. He does not swell on them or revisit them. He does not allow them to hurt Him, or our relationship to Him anymore. Some might call this "forgetting." The only reason I hesitate to is because to say that God forgot something would be to suggest that He doesn't know something. This, I fear, would sound like a doubting of God's omnipotence. To be clear, God does forgive us of our sins and separates us from them. I believe that rather than "forgetting," God chooses not to remember. If He forgot, what would be left to forgive. He is aware of our sins, but chooses to remember them no more. This is true forgiveness. I wish I could have made this clear in the video, but I am not the most eloquent speaker. My apologies.


This has been a question we've heard several times since we first began and we felt this would be a great question for us to answer! Forgiveness is hard but it's not impossible!

Always feel free to ask more questions using #askanima, message us on Facebook, or email us at

Speaker: Jon Jorgenson
Filming/Editing: Danny Hochstatter
Music: Danny Hochstatter
Special Thanks: DJ Ulbert, Mary Taylor, Dave Hunter, and Greenroom Productions