COTM Glenpool | Our words shape worlds

8|02|20 Service Glenpool Conference Center

Ethan Vanse, who typically speaks as the lead pastor of COTM Broken Arrow taught on the power of our words. Referring to James 3 he speaks to how our tongues are like the rudders of a ship colossal in size but steered by such a small part. Our tongues contain the power to build up, or tear down.

James 3:2-12

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Taking Control Of Your Mind | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

Even when life feels chaotic, God is still in control.

In “Taking Control Of Your Mind” Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church reveals three important questions that can control your state of mind, for better or worse. Learn how to regain control over your thought life, one question at a time.

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Section Titles:
0:00 - For Those Confused, Uncomfortable, or Uncertain
1:19 - Are You In Control?
4:04 - God Is Always In Control, BUT…
8:00 - If Life Feels Out of Focus
12:09 - Your Focus Is A Matter of Survival
13:42 - Don’t Focus On The Resistance (Philippians 1, verses 12-25)
17:07 - Do I Ask Bad Questions? (Philippians 1, verse 12)
19:38 - Stop Focusing On Hypotheticals (Exodus 4, verses 1-2)
22:16 - The Three Questions Always Running In Your Mind (Philippians 1, verses 18 & 22)
24:55 - Confessions of a Control Freak
27:20 - The Worst Question You Can Ask
29:20 - What Does It Matter?
32:25 - Decide Your Distractions
34:35 - God, Give Me Your Priorities (Genesis 18, verses 12-13)
37:38 - What Is Your Purpose?
39:55 - Make A List Of Your Priorities
41:55 - Why Are You So Worried About What They Think?
44:10 - The Devil Doesn’t Want You To Know Why You’re Here
46:10 - What Are You Doing Here? (1 Kings 19, verses 13-14)
49:04 - Focusing On What Is Broken Will Never Set You Free
51:00 - You Matter So Much
53:37 - Take The Promise

Taking Control Of Your Mind | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church