Urban Rescue - Unconditional (Live) from City Sessions LA [Audio Only]

Official audio for “Unconditional (Live)" from Urban Rescue's new album, City Sessions - Live in Los Angeles, available now! http://smarturl.it/CitySessionsLA
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The City Sessions project was birthed out of the concept that cities are compressed environments. In the city, there seems to be a barrage of creative solutions for some of life's deepest questions: ‘Who I am?’ ‘Why am I here?’ and, Where can I find freedom?’ The hope of this album is to help confront and deal with some of these deeper human questions. Our desire from the start of this project was to record a live audio-visual experience that spiritually decompressed the frantic soul, challenge the way we think about faith, and help bring a more personal encounter to Jesus Himself.

I see through Your eyes
But you don’t have to hide
In the shadows far too long
Afraid of all you've done
But I
I’m on your side
Scared of caving in
Your heart ris wearing thin
But if you could see it now
Like daylight breaks the clouds
My love
My love
My love
My love is
I won’t let You go
I’ll carry You through the night
Tell You a thousand times
There's no need to be strong
You’re safe inside my arms
Cause no matter where you run
You can’t escape my love
For I
I am Yours
And You
You are mine
All the shame you carry
Oh it’s time to let it go
Cause I won't stop pursuing
You, until you know
I’ll carry you through the night
Tell You a thousand times
Forever I am Yours
Forever you are mine
Just to be close to you
I would lay down my life

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Urban Rescue is a revival band from Los Angeles, fronted by Jordan Frye. Urban Rescue is on mission to inspire the next generation of believers to see their churches, communities and cities awakened by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With an untamed passion for worship emerging from pain and trials, the band has a heart to see broken cities and lives restored.

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