Underoath - Bloodlust (Official Music Video)

From the album 'Erase Me (Deluxe Edition)' - out now

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Director: Caleb Mallery
VFX Creative Producer: Viktor Ivashchenko
Website: ecndy.co
Facebook: facebook.com/ecndy
Instagram: instagram.com/ecndy

I’m running around in here
Spinnin’ in circles inside my head
But I retrace steps to retrace steps I just retrace steps to retrace steps
I’ve learned to embrace the fear
And nothing I believe will take me past the edge I’m past the edge

And you left me no choice
My hands are tied and I won’t listen

Bloodlust is real
I never thought I’d be right here
But the bloodlust is real
You can’t make me feel alive
I will be your animal
You can be my cannibal

Everything is closing in
Surrounded by the darkness and I dive right in
I cannot swim but I dive right in
Vision is blurred and I start to spin
The walls come crashing down and I’m alone again
I’m alone again

And you left me no choice
The urge is real and you can’t help me

I wrote a letter that you’ll never read
I shed a tear that you’ll never see
I’m buried with these words that I never speak
I have a darkness that you’ll never see

#Underoath #Bloodlust


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