Underoath - On My Teeth (Official Music Video)

Underoath - "On My Teeth"
From the album 'Erase Me (Deluxe Edition)' - out now

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Director: Andrew Joffe

DP: Matt Joffe

Projection Artist: Dejha Ti

Let’s get this straight
I’m fine without you
I’m not your fucking prey
So save yourself
And no one else

What you believe
Your life is a lie
Get over it

You got the best of me
You stabbed me in the back
I taste you on my teeth
You’re like a heart attack
And I’m not ok
I’m headed down the drain
I still feel safe
Down here where I belong

So where were you
When I fell out
Went back into the dark
I’m lost again
So don’t come find me

What you believe
Your life is a lie
Get over it

One day you might be hungry


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