Dara Maclean - Adele 'Someone Like You' SNL Spoof

Okay so, I absolutely love the SNL video of ADELE's "Someone Like You" after a bestie of mine showed it to me!

Watch it here first if you haven't seen it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4ophh_uFGk

I kept watching it and showing it to Kari and Blanca and we would laugh hysterically! I love the random things they just burst into tears about and every girl knows exactly what I mean! Well, one night, in our dressing room, I was like, "Girls!!! We have to do a spoof of this video and it has to Winter Jam related!!!" We got really excited and so the process began! I went to catering and saw Russ and told him the whole idea, he added some thoughts and got on the band wagon. Then, I saw Joel and told him he had to be in it! I don't even know how it all evolved, but the cast came together beautifully and after some practice, we gave it a go! However, there was only one cake, so the pressure was on, we had one shot and went for it!
This is what happened...

The Cast: (Find us on twitter and help us spread the love!!)

Dara Maclean @daramaclean
Kari Jobe @karijobe
Blanca Callahan @blancareyes
Joel From "For King And Country" @4kingandcountry
Russ Lee from "Newsong" @russlee
Ryan Whitfield (University Of Mobile) @MRyanwhitfield
Kendra Flack (most amazing production assistant ever!) @k_flack
Hank Bentley (Kari's Guitar Player) @hankbentley
Hayden Lamb (Kari's Tour Manager) @haydenlamb


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