| streets by above the golden state |

when shadows turn to faces
when faces take on names
when names tell us their stories
of their brokenness and pain
when love flows through the cities
through the grid of all the streets
under bridges in the alleys
like blood through our veins

love is real
love will bleed
love will heal
love will need

when love is used like money
it turns into our greed
when love is more like water
then everyone will drink
so let it flow through all our cities
and flood them like the sea
fill the souls that hunger
Lord give us what we need

love will change the world
love will change the world

you can see it when He walks around
you can feel it when He moves the ground
were all colored with a crimson stain
can you see it now, can you see Him now

from the clouds to the world below
from the mountain to the city of gold
love is coming like an urgent rain
can you feel it now, can you feel Him now