FaithSocial FAQs

General Questions

FaithSocial is a social media platform for believers. It was founded on a simple premise, uniting the worldwide Christian community through its social media platform. FaithSocial provides an opportunity for its worldwide followers to communicate, share, pray, shop, and learn.

Using the App

The Social Feed displays posts from members you follow, posts from groups that you are a part of, and other content from FaithSocial. Anyone who follows you will also see your posts in their Social Feed. We encourage our community and groups to post content that will strengthen your connection to each other and your journey with God.
My Posts is a place for you to see the posts, videos, shares, and other content you have contributed to the FaithSocial community. It is also where you can see where other users posts directly to you.
Looking for some great sermons, podcasts, music, or videos? Head over to the Watch & Listen section. We are adding new content on a weekly basis. Find something that you want to share with your friends on FaithSocial? Just click the Share button and choose “Share to FaithSocial,” and your followers will see it in their feed.
We encourage members of FaithSocial to connect with each other and share their faith experiences. By “following” someone, you will be able to see their posts in your feed. When they follow you back, you become “friends” and they will see your posts. You can also message them or invite them to groups.
The Discussion Forum is a place for FaithSocial members to weigh in on meaningful topics that affect Christians in today’s society and culture. We invite you to share your thoughts and opinions, while remaining respectfully open to other’s thoughts and opinions, especially when they differ from yours. Our goal is to provide an open and safe place for everyone to talk about these important topics.
Groups provide a space to communicate and connect with people in the FaithSocial community who share your interests. You can join an existing group, or you can create and lead one of your own. Groups are led by members of the community. You can find groups in the Groups section of the app.
The Pray section of FaithSocial is home to our Prayer Circle and Testimonies. We invite FaithSocial members to submit prayer requests to the Prayer Circle, and we encourage you to pray for others who have submitted prayer requests. When you submit a prayer request on behalf of yourself, you may choose to be named, or you may remain anonymous. You can find Pray in the navigation menu of the app. Every day, our team and members of FaithSocial pray for those who have submitted prayer requests on the app. We also want to hear your answers to prayers! On the Testimonies page, you can encourage others simply by sharing what God has done for you. Both of these features can be found under the Prayer navigation in the app.

Common Questions

In order for FaithSocial community members to see your content, they must first “follow” you. It may feel like no one is responding or interacting with you at first, but give it time. Find some people to follow and interact with, comment on their posts, and in turn they may follow you back.
There are two ways to follow someone. You can go to the People page and find suggested people to follow, and you can even filter based on different criteria. From there, just click the “Follow” button. You can also follow someone by going to their profile page and clicking the green “Follow” button.
Yes, of course! Even though we are a Christian community, we welcome those from all religious beliefs and backgrounds. We want to create a safe community for everyone.

Profile & Privacy Settings

To create an account on the web/desktop:
  1. Go to
  2. Click the “Register / Sign up” button in the top right section of the website and enter your name and email, and complete the registration process.
  3. To view your profile or edit your account information, click on the profile circle in the top right and select your name.
  1. To view your profile and change your settings, click on the profile circle in the top right and select your name.
  2. Click the green “Edit my information” button.
  3. Click the “Privacy Settings” tab and make the necessary changes.
  1. To view your profile and change your settings, click on the profile circle in the top right and select your name.
  2. Click the green “Edit my information” button.
  3. Click the “Change Password” tab and make the necessary changes.
  1. To view your profile and change your settings, click on the profile circle in the top right and select your name.
  2. Hover over the cover photo and select “Change cover.” Upload a new cover photo or select from our banner gallery.
  3. Hover over your user photo and select “Update Profile Picture.
Please send a message to with the email address used to create the account. If you can also include a reason for deciding to delete your account, we would greatly appreciate the feedback so we can continue improving FaithSocial experience.

Posts, Groups & Messaging

Posting on the app is a great way to deepen your connections with FaithSocial members. Anyone who follows you can see your posts in their feed. You can also post to the groups that you belong to. Group posts will appear in group members’ feeds, as well as on the group’s page. We encourage posting content that brings our community together, facilitates welcoming discussion, and strengthens our relationships. Please refer to our Community Guidelines for more information.
When creating a post, you can choose to add photos or videos. Please be aware that when uploading videos, it may take up to two hours before being published and available to view. Please refer to our Community Guidelines for more information.
When you set up your account anyone can message you on the app by default. However, you can block users from direct messaging you or viewing your profile by navigating to their public profile and selecting “Block User.”
To message someone on the app, navigate to the user’s public profile and click the “Message” button
Creating a group is simple. Just follow the steps below:
Select Groups in the navigation menu of the app
  1. Select “Create Group”
  2. Enter your group info.
  3. Select what type of group you are creating.
Managing your Group
Once your group is activated, people in the FaithSocial community will be able to join (if you created an open group) or request membership (if you created a closed group).
Select the “Private Group” option when creating your group. If you have an existing open or closed group, and wish to make it private, you can edit the privacy in the Group settings.
Joining a group is simple. Just follow the steps below:
  1. Visit the Groups section in the navigation menu of the app
  2. You can search groups by group type or keyword and request to join.
  3. When you request to join a closed group the group admin will be notified. The admin will have to accept you into the group before you become a member.
Please note that FaithSocial does not review or approve community group leaders or any of the activities within groups. If you feel there is inappropriate content or users within a group, please use the “Report Post” or “Report User” options.
We welcome you to start any group in accordance with our Community Guidelines. Please note that we do not allow content that otherwise does not promote a positive, loving, healthy faith community. Please read more in our Community Guidelines.

Community Moderation & Reporting

FaithSocial cares deeply about the safety and comfort of our global community, which is why we have spent time outlining our community guidelines here. Additionally, we provide tools to our community to report any behavior that falls outside of our guidelines. We encourage people to flag or report anything they find that breaks our standards of respectful discourse by flagging offensive comments or abusive users.
There are three ways that you can draw attention to individuals who are not behaving appropriately on the app:
  1. Report Comment: You can report a comment that you think is inappropriate by clicking on the “Report” action. An alert will be sent to FaithSocial community managers to review, and if a pattern emerges with a particular individual, then we will take the necessary further action to keep our community safe.
  2. Report Post: You can report a post that you think is inappropriate by clicking the “...” icon in the top right section on the post and selecting “Report.”
  3. Report User: If a user makes you feel unsafe, bullied, or harassed in any way, you can report them by clicking on their profile and tapping the “Report User” button. Please provide as much detail as possible when reporting a user.
Please note:
FaithSocial will investigate reports and may choose to take additional actions such as removing individuals from the app at our discretion.
We value your feedback and suggestions to make FaithSocial a wonderful experience for everyone. If you have ideas on what types of features you would like to see in FaithSocial, or have questions regarding existing functionality, please email us at

If you are experiencing technical issues creating your account or using the site, please email
If you would like to create a profile for your church, nonprofit, or student organization, please email us at